Live Well, Eat well.

We work hard in class to develop the body we want, but regardless of the amount of weight or intensity at which we work, you will not work off a greasy cheesesteak or your favorite dessert in our time together. The saying “you can’t out train a bad diet” is true. Without the right nutrition plan, you will not get the best results possible.

With so many food options when you leave the house, how do you know what to choose? Between the all fast food out there, convenience stores loaded with sugary candy and cakes, to different aisles in the grocery store, it is easy to grab a quick bite to eat when you are hungry. The real question is, what is that quick bite doing inside your body? Is the food you just picked to curb your appetite taking you a step closer to your overall body composition and health goals, or is it moving you further away?

Note, I am not a nutritionist; but in addition to the nutrition courses I took during college, I decided to dive deeper and educate myself on nutrition through numerous books on the topic along with trial and error on my own body. While everyone has different body types and goals, this information can be used to reach any goal you have with the necessary modifications.

In the following posts, we will explore the major food groups called macronutrients, and how the body uses each. I will also give you a few good choices from each. You will be able to mix and match one from each category to make satisfying, nutrition-packed meals and snacks.


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