Smoothies with a Purpose (as featured at the Cheverly Wellness Market)

Do you reach your daily recommendations for fruits and vegetables? Better yet, when was the last time you looked at a food pyramid…?

Like many other individuals, I have been guilty of not reaching those numbers on numerous occasions. (5-9 servings equals a bare minimum 2 cups of Fruit, 3 cups of Vegetables daily). One thing that has made it an easier goal to check off my daily list is by mixing some of my favorite fruits and vegetables in a blender and making some magic happen.

Fruit and Green Smoothies are a great way to check those columns off your pyramid, while take the guesswork out it. They are great for breakfast or as a in-between meals to keep you from reaching for something with less nutritional value, keeping off or shaving some unwanted pounds, or for craving the sweet tooth with the natural sugar that fruit offer (Fructose).

Take the time to mix and match fruits and vegetables as you please, to make your own smoothies. Below is two of Boz-Wellness favorite energy packed smoothies.


Tropical green juice

1 cup of baby spanich

1 whole kale leaf

4-5 pineapple chunks

8oz of unsweetened almond milk

optional 1 scoop of protein powder

This is a great mix of a naturally sweet tropical fruit with alittle over half of your daily vegetable serving. Protein powder can be added to this smoothie as a workout recovery drink or it can be drank as an anyday snack.

Strawberry Lemonade Jumpstart

1 whole apple (with skin)

1 whole orange (peeled)

1 handful of spinach

5-6 frozen strawberries

1 small handful of frozen mangos

½ lemon squeezed

½ cup carrot juice (or more depending on desired consistency)

Packed with a variety of fruit and vegetables, this smoothie will cover your daily fruit serving in one shot. The natural fruit sugar is converted in the body to energy pretty quickly, so this is a great trade for your morning coffee with a more leveled energy output.

Email me your favorite smoothie inventions with their names to be featured on

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