How to succeed in 8 week Challenge

So its time for another 8 week challenge and you want to succeed right? Of course you do, and I want you to succeed as well. Here is a success guideline for you to get the best results possible. First and foremost, don’t try to go for a home run week one…slow and steady will win the race. Drastic changes will get you drastic results, which probably won’t be the healthy choice, and definitely won’t be sustainable. So don’t go out there and get on a lemon water diet, or cut 1000 a day. Follow these guidelines consistently over the course of 8 weeks and you will be a leaner version of yourself.

I am not reinventing the wheel; these guidelines are similar to the ones I wrote about for the last 8 week challenge because they work (link below). I will just elaborate on some points, and discuss others less. When I am prepping for a physique show, these are the strategies I use to get as lean as possible. Now remember, your success is based on your discipline and you have to do the work to get the results.


As I mentioned before, when it comes to weight maintenance and fat loss, it is more important what you put in your body, versus what you do with your body. One hour of working out, can easily be cancelled by six oreos… that is not a great tradeoff. Now when you get your eating and workouts to compliment one another, and not cancel each other out, the results will be through the roof. Shoutout to last years winner John M, who dropped 30lbs during the challenge, Phil L, who also dropped about 30lbs since we joining class, and Shannon L who made noticeable changes to her physique during the last 8 week challenge. Their success and commitment proves it can be done it you are dedicated to the end game.

1. Measuring it = Managing it

You have a bank account, monthly you get bank statements, or you may even do online banking. These are all tool to help you manage your money. Consider you went shopping for a big screen TV and a new car without managing your account, that would more than likely cause some problems. Well your body and food are the same way. Eating is like depositing a check into your account, if you dont know how much you deposited, then you wont know how much to spend to maintain, or lose the weight. Two things that I recommend that will help you be successful are a food scale and the myfitnesspal app on your phone. These two tools, combine with mealprep (prepping your lunch for the work week) are keys to success.

Myfitnesspal will give you a daily caloric allowance, it is your job to track what you eat on your phone. This process might take about 2-3 minutes the first few times you enter a new food, after that if is usually less than a minute because it saves the foods you previously typed. As I said, don’t go for the homerun, follow the caloric guidelines they give you. Cutting to many calories to fast, will result in dropping Muscle and fat, which may seem good because we se the scale moving, but we don’t want that, we just want to drop the fat.

The food scale will allow you to weigh the food before you log it into the myfitnesspal app, so you wont have to guess if it is 4oz or 6oz of salmon. Also, you don’t have to take the scale out the house with you, what you do is weight the food at home, then put it in Tupperware, eat it, enter it in the phone, and your done.

Lastly, anything you get prepackaged can be tracked on myfitnesspal by scanning the barcode. It will be your job to follow the servings per container, and track how many servings you had.

We will have a Boz-Wellness group on myfitnesspal to encourage other. Make sure to join the group.


2. Stay Thirsty my friends

Water… Drink tons of it. Aim for ATLEAST half your bodyweight in ounces, your bodyweight in ounces would be better, but it is something you will probably have to build up to.

3. Protein

Shoot for 0.8 to one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Since the average chicken breast, steak or filet of Salmon is usually about 20-25g of protein, this can be a big task to take on. I suggest add protein supplements to your diet, there are many options when it comes to protein, I suggest finding one that is low in sugar (6g or less per serving). There is whey protein, which is milk based and is absorbed by muscle quickly. For those who choose not to consume milk products, there are a few good vegetarian or

vegan based options. The one I use is pictured below.

Displaying 20180101_170615.jpg


4. Carbs (pay attention to them)

You only need a given amount of carbs per day, based off your activity levels and body type, but since they are so easy to access, it is naturally they first thing you will grab at a convenience store.

Carbs are the gas that makes your engine go. They are used for instant energy for everything from playing with the kids, to working out, to running a marathon. What happens when you stop at the gas station and you put more gas in the tank than needed, similar to your body and carbs, the tank overflows. The same happens to your body and carb storage when you eat carbs in excess, the spill goes over to your fat cells, being stored for energy later. When you continue to eat more carbs than you need, you will continue to put more stored fat in the tank without burning any. To really burn that fat, you want to deplete those carb stores, then your body will begin to use that stored fat as a energy source.

Forgot the book I was reading, (believe it was “The Wild Diet”) but it made the statement that in todays society, Americans eat close to 300g of carbs per day, when they use to eat about 50g a day (on fruits, berries and plants) during hunting and gathering time. Now I am not telling you to eat only figs and berries, or turn into a giraffe for the next 8 weeks, but pay attention to the amount of carbs you eat per day. Also, the most effective time to take in carbs is post high intensity workout, where your glycogen (stored energy) is usually depleted, and can afford to be refilled.

5. Cheat meal

Save yourself one per week, earn it, and you don’t have to track it or weigh it on the scale, just devour it. You could make it your favorite restaurant, a slice of pizza, your favorite burger, but it is only one meal, so choose wisely.

6. Move it Move it

Since we do a lot of high intensity exercises during class (sprints, plyometric, jumping etc) they can be extremely effective in getting your heart rate up, and getting the bang for your buck with calorie burning, but that form of exercise can takes it toll on your body, which is why those rest days are extremely important. I would suggest to go low impact on exercises outside of class to reduce the risk of those nagging injuries. I suggest this to let your joints, more so than muscles, rest and recover from the pounding they take. Below are a few low impact things your can do, that will get those calories burning

– Brisk Walking– 30 to 40 minutes and a fast pace where you start to perspire, these hills in Cheverly would be perfect for that

– Jump rope– This is not completely low impact, it solely depending on the surface you jump on, and staying light on your toes, but this is a good aerobic exercise that does not take much equipment.

– Swimming/ Water Aerobics– Love swimming, you can actually do this at a high intensity as well without putting a beating on your joints. Great cross training exercise.

– Elliptical/ stair climber/ stationary bike–  30-40 minutes, and a nice sweat.

Zumba/ Dance/ Aerobics/ Spin class– I dont have the hip mobility to do it, but it can be fun, low impact and you will break a sweat


Your choices over the next few weeks will determine your results, so its time to focus on the end result you want, and work backwards to get there. Looking forward to seeing your improvements over the next eight weeks, and announcing the winners March 9th, 2018.



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