Grateful 2018

Last Sunday night of 2018, and I am sitting here typing as my wife and I attempt to put my three year old daughter to sleep. She is a busy body, and fights it tooth and nail, but we will get her  down. My purpose for writing this is to reflect on the things I am grateful for, one of those being how each of you became a stronger version of yourself this year.

While new years day is just another day that falls on a new calendar, most people think differently. They mark January first as the day that will change their life. Every year around this time people ask, Whats your new years resolution? For most people, they will have the same answer to that question on December 31 2019. We are creatures of habit, and if we don’t focus on the root that started that habit, the resolution is sure to fail.

Why put so much pressure on one day. Instead of looking a year down the road, and trying to plan what you want by the end of 2019, look back and see the progress you have made this year, and be thankful. Gratitude will take you further then you know.

 I am thankful for My Health (as you should be too)

Everyday, we get out of bed, and go go go. We get up at 530 (or 550am) and come to Boz-Wellness fitness classes three days a week (wink wink). On other days some of us get up and swim or walk, get ready for work, get the kids ready for school, or even get ready to take care of a house full of kids all day. All these tasks require an extreme amount of energy and our health and strength are how we get them done.

Part of your health and strength comes from your dedication to yourself. Its not easy to get up in the dark, before you have to work all day, and attack those dumbbells, gliders, bands and sprints. Your dedication to pushing yourself, not taking the easy way out, not pushing the snooze button has made you better, as well as physically and mentally stronger then you were yesterday.

The other part of your health and strength comes from the man (or woman) above. Be thankful to your creator for allowing you to continue to breathe this fresh air and for the strength to carry your kids and those dumbbells. Both work together. If you continue to do your part, by keeping that body active, making the food choices for tomorrow and next year, it will be easier for him (or her) to do their part.

Your trust

Remember that time you pushed a car? Remember that time you bear crawled up the stairs backwards? Remember that time we did a two hour workout? Remember that look you gave me when I told you what to do? Did you die though? Nope, you just stepped out of your comfort zone, and did something challenging. Maybe something you thought you weren’t strong enough to do.

Everyday you get up and put a part of your physical and mental wellness in my hands, I appreciate it. Since April 2015, I have made it my goal to challenge anybody I come in contact with, and help them make the right choices outside of class, help them commit to fit. I try to challenge you physically and mentally during our workout (torture) sessions.  But what good is a strong body without a strong mind? Or vice Versa? The two go hand and hand. A strong mind is what tells you “I can push this car, and I will get it done.”

I know some of these workouts can be brutal, you have to go to a different place to get through it, and overcoming that physical resistance not only with your body, but with your mind. The mind and body connection is real deal, and once tap into it through a few workouts, it gives you the feeling of accomplishment, and helps you push through physical and mental resistance in other areas of your life.

Game plan for 2019

Don’t start of the year with “the new year, new me” mindset, that is a sure way to get right back to the old habits you were trying to change. Focus on small wins (daily and weekly schedule), instead of the home run (new years resolutions). Be prepared for the losses that will come before the wins. Instead of saying I am going to lose 20 pounds this year, set a weekly schedule to get three workouts in this week, and do your weekly meal prep. If done correctly and consistently, that goal will be reached. When life rains on your parade, maybe a kid gets sick, or a work project is keeping you from getting to class, work travel has you eating out instead of meal prepping, turn that into a even smaller win by working out at home, or choosing the baked or grilled over fried food for lunch.

There is a saying in basketball, shooters keep shooting. Michael Jordan didn’t make every shot, Babe Ruth didn’t hit every pitch, Mia Ham didn’t score every soccer goal, but the mentality has to be to get back on track the next play. While I do have goals and resolutions I would like to complete, I will take that big picture, and break it down into weekly resolutions, so when life throws me off track, I can get right back on the horse. Keep pushing, and focus on winning each day, so that you can win the year.

Happy New Year!

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