Boz-Wellness “State of the Union” address

Hey All,

      Good job pushing through the first month of 2019. Hopefully you are still on track with whatever New Years resolution you made, if you made one. Or better yet, hopefully you just decided to live a life where no resolutions are necessary…where you choose to make more conscious choices and commitments with your health at the forefront.
       I am sitting here typing on a Sunday evening right before the NBA All-Star game because I just want to fill everybody in on what has happened this first month of 2019, and to inform you of some events and ideas for the upcoming months.
      First and foremost, we just completed the thirty day weight loss challenge about a week ago. Good job to everybody who exercised discipline in those thirty days and saw some changes to their body. The winners were the two that dropped the highest percentage of bodyweight over the thirty day period. Shout out to the female winner Angela Payne who dropped 10 pounds (6% of her starting weight), and the overall winner Chris Carter, who dropped 20 pounds (8.2% of his starting weight), They were FOCUSED…
      Hopefully that thirty day challenge showed you the potential of the results you could get if you stayed focused. To ensure you are ready for your Memorial Day get away we will be having our annual  transformation challenge starting in Mid-April, and running through Memorial day (six weeks). Bigger sacrifice, bigger prize for the winner. More details coming soon.
       Our first outing of the year was great, we had a bowl-a-thon, and we had a good time. Oh yea, Claudia did lose to me by one point as well, so help her to feel better whenever you see her. (few people left before we took the picture)
     Start drinking your tea with honey now to loosen up those vocal cords. Our next “Fit-Together” will be Karaoke on March 1st @ 730. After that we will be having a pool outing in May/June. Friday nights at the pool are Aqua Zumba, who is going to show their moves?
     Boz-Wellness Fitness games? Would you be interested in that? Let me know your thoughts.
      Saturday workouts? We will have a few Saturday morning workouts this spring/summer when the weather breaks. Details coming soon.
     Referral incentive, refer a friend to a three week free trial, you will receive half off next months membership if they join.
     Lastly, If you have not already done so, I would appreciate if you could take a moment to write a review of your experience working with me on the Boz-Wellness facebook page.
Your commander in Fit signing out,
Kristopher Boswell

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