Boz-Wellness 7 week challenge

Here is the scenario… You have 7 weeks (1,176 hours) to transform you body to a healthier, leaner you. Who wouldn’t feel better with that few extra pounds gone? The goal is to decrease in each category (body fat %, highest bodyweight percentage loss, overall body inches) as much as you possibly can, without sacrificing muscle. So, eat! Don’t starve yourself. At the end of the challenge we will have a celebratory outing at Cheverly Pool (date TBD).

When thinking about execution, remember… There are different paths someone can take to get to New York, and the same goes for your body and fat loss. You just have to stick with your plan and be consistent. You can count calories (Boz-Wellness group on myfitnesspal app),  choose intermitted fasting, or you can try portion control. The basic concept behind all of these is to monitor calories, and take in less throughout the day. Read some of my older post for strategies for success.

One male and one female will be named winner, with one of them being overall winner. To celebrate your hard work, the Overall winner will receive a one hour massage package, $100 gift card to restaurant, free photo shoot, and month of June free. The second place winner will receive the month of June free, and spa gift card.

To prepare for the challenge, get a tape measure and take your measurements around your neck, chest, arm, waist (for ease, we will say circumference even with belly button) and center of thigh muscle. Take a front, side, and back profile picture. I will be taking your weight and body fat measurements in class with the scale (Download RENPHO app on your phone now). You will have to take your shoes and socks off, so make sure your nails are done. :v)

Enjoy this last week of freedom, and eat your heart out. I will be sending out a google doc to sign up for your weigh date which must be done before working out (either Wednesday, Friday, or Monday morning) no more then 8 spots per day. Plan on arriving 5 or so minutes early for your weigh in, I will be getting them all done BEFORE 6:07am, warm up can begin at that time.

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