Fourth Quarter… For the Win..


Reggie Miller 8 points in 8.9 seconds (1995), Michael Jordan crossover jump shot at the free-throw line (1997), 2000 Lakers Western Conference Finals comeback down 15 points, Lebron James scoring final 25 points in 2007 Eastern Conference Finals.. What do all these performances have in common? Fourth quarter performances that will be in the record books.

Anyone who plays, or watches sports knows the importance of the fourth quarter. Sometimes, I don’t even sit down to watch the game until the fourth quarter, because it is the most important part of the game. While the start of the game can make or break the outcome, the end clearly determines the win. Even a slow start can be overcome, if the other three quarters are solid.

While not all sports are divided into four quarters, the last 8-12 minutes of a game could be considered “The Fourth Quarter”. This is the part of the game that will have everyone watching know your name, you can either live up to the pressure of the moment, or hide from it.

2019 is almost over. As fast as it started, it is about to end. We begin every year win a laundry list of goals we wished to accomplish. We start the game (2019) really strong, high off ambition and motivation, but somewhere towards the middle of the first quarter, beginning of the second quarter, if you are lucky, that motivation went out the window, and our old habits kick in. We are at the end of the third quarter of the year. Look back at your first three quarters of the year, the goals you set in January, did you reach them yet?

Every year the goal should be geared towards progress, and as the weight training community calls it “Making Gains”. Making physical gains (burning fat, building muscle), mental gains (daily meditation and reading), spiritual gains (meditation and prayer), relational gains (more meaningful time with loved ones and family) and financial gains (getting that raise or new job).

2019 is almost over, have you come close to the gains you set out to reach on 12/31/2018?

Fourth quarter is so important to any business’ bottom line, that they have something called “Black Friday”. As consumers we know this is a way for business to increase their bottom line (profit), by making sales we all wake up at 5am to go shop for.

I dare you to take your life, your body, your “GAINS” as a business. Think back to the end of last year, and set out to focus on your bottom line for the next three months. You will be amazed where you can end up after three months of preparation, planning, and execution.

So.. If I were to sit down, and turn on the TV, and the game of your life was on, in the fourth quarter with 8 minutes left, what would I see? Someone chasing after “GAINS”, or a team that threw in the towel? What are you going to do to increase your bottom line. You still have time..

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